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Benefits of a Patient’s App to Your Medical/Dental or Chiropractic  Practice ?

Increases your revenue $1.99 per patient per month on the App store or choose your price.
Improve patient’s access and satisfaction
Advertisement for your services
Self-scheduler no staff intervention
Quicker check in
Quicker Chart updates
Easier communication and better practice
Doctors can sell their  own products on the patient App
Full Customization with the practice data and even the App can be the practice name

What it can do?

1) Intelligent Avatars to respond to patients questions just like a medical assistant in both English and Spanish
2) Patient’s Self-Scheduler.
3) Access to patient portal.
4) Tel-Medicine consultation with the Doctor.
5) Patient can upload forms and consents.
6) Patients Can request medication refill.
7) Symptoms Checker.
8) Information about healthy living-Calorie Gallery-Weight loss program.
9) Patient education handouts in English and Spanish.
10) Patient’s education 3D videos.
11) Link to the Practice Website.
12) Practice store/products.
13) 5 mins exercise video on the go for young and seniors.
14) Survey About the practice performance.
15) Patient to patient Chat Room.
16) CPR and first Aid instructions.
17) Pregnancy Information per semester and integrating with an OB wheel.
18) News and events about our practice.
19) Drugs Information.
20) Patients can text the doctor.

How long does It take to develop?

7-14 days

What are the Prices?

50/50 share with every download from the iTunes or Google play stores
Plastic Surgery $15,000 flat rate
If the app is offered free to patients by PCPs then our cost is $5000 flat rate and $80 per month thereafter

To Customize it to your practice- please answer the following  questions:



Choose a layout

Select navigation layout

What is included in the Welcome Package?

1- Your App
2- Email template for your first email blasts
3- 200 Oversized Postcards Customized with your practice app info to be sent to the patients or to be in the practice every room and lobby to educate patients about your new mobile app.
4- A website Page template to be added with the links to download the app from Google play and the iTunes store.